SAND Issue #16


Issue #16

Published Autumn 2017

Although we didn’t select this issue’s work with any theme in mind, the pieces we’ve assembled here share an uncanny obsession with containment, with boxing things up and then (sometimes) letting them out. Our contributors have tucked a multitude of contents – from seahorses to cadavers to volcanos to cosmonauts – into various vessels for safekeeping. We’ve got a claustrophobe strapped much too tightly into her seat, a sobbing audience stuck in an auditorium, two pastures with questionable fences, a ghost climbing into his new haunt, a glitchy garbage bin leaking smells and syllables. That makes this issue a kind of meta-container, a box of boxes.

Maggie Millner - Elena Karina Byrne - Lizzie Davis - Dong Li - Elena Karina Byrne - Julia Burgdorff - Leah Williams - Joe Rupprecht - Paul Cunningham - Farryl Last - Nina Isrenko - Anne Gutt - Derek Kannemeyer - Christopher Cascio - Dolores Walshe - Mary Marge Locker - George L. Hickman - Colleen Maynard - Tara Isabel Zambrano - Jodie Noel Vinson - Craig Burnett - Laura Tansley - Loie Merritt - Marion Jdanoff